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Life and love and connections

In full bloom.

There’s a line by John Clare that I adore — I love John Clare; I revere him — “Poets love nature and themselves are love.” And I believe that with all my heart. And part of writing is adoration. For me, celebrating the wildflowers or the birds is like a kind of worship.

~ Michael Longley, in an interview with Krista Tippet, On Being (2016)

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Experiencing technical difficulties

The sheltered

We’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties here on the ranch. Modems, it seems, come here to die. The latest (our third in less than three weeks) committed suicide on Saturday. That forces me to use a wi-fi hot spot device that is less than optimum. It (the device) finds uploading, downloading, sideloading, and upsidedownloading burdensome. If I were to give the device a name, it would be Eeyore. Much like Eeyore, it moves slowly and rather grumpily, as if I’m somehow inconveniencing it.

Everything has been checked in regards to power sources. The problem seems to lie with the refurbished modems our internet service provider requires us to rent from them. So, we will keep requesting new modems (and more data, to make up for time missed) until we get one that works.

In the meantime, WordPress has forced me to the block editor and I’m none too pleased with that although I do think that, with time and effort, I will adjust. If I choose to adjust. I’ve missed blogging, but there is so much change going on within and without that I wonder about the decision makers at WordPress. Perhaps they feel that entering a pandemic world has not been enough. Let’s change everything! And… they may be right about that. There are many things that need changed, including our broken system. I just wish they’d given me a bit more time with the old editor. Or, and this would have been even better, given me a choice. That said, I’m on the free plan so why should longevity and loyalty matter?

I bet that if and when I have the time to figure things out, I’m gonna love this new system. Well, okay. That’s stretching things REALLY far because I already dislike that it took me three more extra steps to post an image (and I’m not even sure how that image will look on the page or what size it is because I can’t figure that out, yet). I’ve noticed that nearly every time something online becomes new and improved, it takes more steps and time to use. Progress, eh?

I’m going to go ahead and publish this, not worrying about formatting or adding images. I just wanted to stop by and let you know I’m still alive and kicking. And hey! I have an appointment to get my first jab of the vaccine. It’s a little over a week away, but it feels good to know I have the appointment and that getting the vaccine sooner rather than later is possible.

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with me today. I will see you… well, I’m not sure. At some future time when I can better cope with blocks and formatting and learning something new. Please be safe, be well, and be kind.

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What’s in a name

A tangle of trees and ice.  (February weather.)

It is when we are confronted with poignant reminders of mortality that we become most aware of the strangeness and wonder of our brief life on Earth.

~ Kathleen Basford

If this time is our only time, and it is, then surely we do owe it to ourselves, and to each other, to pay attention, to look deeply, to listen closely, and to respond to all of it, somehow, with love and gratitude.

~ Katrina Kenison

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