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And now for something

Water, an abstract.   (This one is mine.)

True emptiness is also an openness of being. It is an ongoing receptivity to the wonder of life.

~ Beverly Lanzetta

‘Emptiness’ means empty of a separate self. It is full of everything, full of life. The word emptiness should not scare us. It is a wonderful word. To be empty does not mean non-existent. Emptiness is the ground of everything. Thanks to emptiness, everything is possible.

~Thich Nhat Hanh


Nothing is the shadow of Everything.

~Meher Baba

A little yin, a little yang.

Play with life, laugh with life, dance lightly with life, and smile at the riddles of life, knowing that life’s only true lessons are writ small in the margin.

~Jonathan Lochwood Huie

I finally did something this morning that I’ve been meaning to do since we returned from our time in NE Ohio.  Most of what you’ll see in this post is a result of what I did except that I didn’t do it.  Well, not exactly.


Some of you might remember Lulu, my little blue point & shoot everything-proof camera.  She’s the one I take into the water when we go to the beach.  She’s also the one I gave to the Little Wookie for a little while way back in July when we were playing at the rental house (what he referred to as our “summer home”).  He was curious about photography.  Since his Momo (that would be me) walks around with a camera attached to her a good percentage of the time, that makes sense.  What I finally did was upload his photos to my computer so I could have a good look at them.  I looked at them on a laptop right after he took them, but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to really examine them.  (My copyright info is on them because he’s too young to put his name on them right now.  They are, however, his photos.)

A ball.

What appear to be abstracts are the Little Wookie’s point of view and play with a camera.  Not too long ago, I saw another series of photos he took when his mother gave him the camera.  It was quite interesting to see things from his perspective, especially family members.

Yoga with Momo.

I can’t show you photos of family because I don’t have permission to do so.  But I can show you any photos that include me or that are taken in such a way as to make the person unidentifiable.  For instance:

Kitty and Little Wookie toes.

It’s been fun going through the Little Wookie’s photos.  A good throwback Thursday project.  I’ve taken the liberty of editing a few of his photos.


I’ve been doing my own version of playing with abstracts on paper with paints and with the camera.  The water shot at the top of the post is mine.

I like what he did with the light and texture in this one.

I’ll let you in on a secret if you promise not to give it away.

Loosely knotted. (Back to my photos now.)

I bought the Little Wookie a camera for Christmas.  It’s currently lost within the USPS system because that seems to be the way of things now.  I do mean lost.  We have tracking information for it, but when I check on the USPS website it shows it was dropped off and then I get a message reassuring me that the package is somewhere and will be delivered, even though they apparently have no idea where.  I’m a little annoyed with the USPS lately.  I try to be sympathetic because they have a lot of work to do this time of year and it’s probably made worse by the pandemic.  But sympathy and I part ways when I think about all the times they’ve lost our packages or sent them to the wrong address this year, particularly after the guy who was put in charge of destroying the USPS took over.

In flight on a sunny day.

Ah well.  Best to wrap things up before I get on my high horse or stand on my soapbox.  Thank you so much for visiting with me today.  I am way behind in responding to comments and visiting you at your blog.  I apologize for that.  I’d like to say I will get caught up soon, but I can’t make any promises other than I will do the best I can.  There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day lately.

Related to nothing in particular:  WordPress informed me recently that I had a blogging anniversary.  I’ve been with WordPress for 14 years.  Yikes.  That seems like a long time.

Let’s meet out at the Point for sunset this evening.  A nor’easter moved through yesterday and the clouds are finally beginning to clear out.  It will be cold and windy so bundle up.  Sunset is scheduled for 4:45 PM.

Please be safe, be well, and be kind.  ♥

Tuesday’s sunset through the trees.

A few of the 10,000 reasons to be happy:  1,651)  Listening to and their countdown of the top all-time 2,020 songs.  I haven’t been able to listen to all of it (it was running 24/7 since last Thursday up until last night when they decided to save the top 100 for today so they wouldn’t be playing them in the middle of the night).  I would seriously buy a CD set with all of those songs on it.  It’s such an eclectic list.  1,652)  Warm slippers for my cold feet.  1,653)  Feet that are no longer cold due to warm slippers.  1,654)  Ducks visiting the pond.  1,655)  Penguins.  No particular reason.  Just that thinking of them makes me smile.

Time to go.


Robin is... too many things to list, but here is a start: an artist and writer; a photographer and saunterer; a daughter and sister and granddaughter; a friend, a partner, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother; a gardener, a great and imaginative cook, and the creator of wonderful sandwiches.

12 thoughts on “And now for something

  1. What fun, Robin. I hope you’ll be able to keep and share his photos with him when he’s older.
    I know the mail and shipping most be crazy this year–I wasn’t having any problems until something I ordered arrived in Philadelphia, and then for some strange reason was sent to Albany. . .Ugh.
    And I’m also behind on visiting and commenting. I just happened to see yours just now, so thought I’d respond before it gets lost. 😀


  2. His photos are fun. Extreme close ups. Some, kind of fuzzy. Very arty. Your sunset photo is
    amazing. Yes, the evil man at the post office is to blame. I think most mail carriers really try to do a good job. Hope the camera gets moving and to its destination again soon.


  3. I like ‘dragonfly’ and ‘kitty and little Wookie toes” too. Others as well, but those two are my favorites. Getting him a camera is a good idea, he’s obviously got an eye. Too bad it shipped through the USPS. I don’t know when they’ll be able to catch up.


  4. Fourteen years on WordPress, congratulations! You have two more years than I do. It sounds like we started right at the same time of year. How wonderful that you and your grandson can do this together. I like that and hope he gets his camera sooner than later. May the postal service find it and send it on its merry way. PS Also love the Kitty and Wookie toes–so sweet!


  5. Cheers to Little Wookie being a buddy photographer and wanting to be like Momo. I like those abstracts because they have a soft touch. … your sunset through the trees was pretty good too. … and thanks for the idea … Empty … has been added to my possible walk list.


  6. Oh I love this! I love little Wookie’s photos, too. This is a brilliant project and you must keep these for him for later…
    Time… there isn’t enough of it to get it all done! So we all do the best we can.


  7. You must take advantage of Little Wookie’s natural “eye” as well as his interest in imitating his Momo right now! I don’t have grandchildren, but as a mom, I know how imitative kids can be (good and bad!), so it’s great you’re giving him a camera and letting him get comfortable seeing the world through its lens.


  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures he took with your camera! With a little coaching, he could have a pretty good eye for it.

    I sympathize with you about the USPS. I’m having trouble with all three. UPS delivered a package, insists it was delivered and we don’t have it nor do our neighbors (who are very good about bringing over the packages that get delivered wrong). FedEx pulls up and throws it on the driveway. Not all of them, but one driver in particular does a lot.

    Enjoy your holidays!



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