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This is it: Walktober!

Little changes, here and there.

For so many people throughout space and time, a walk has been a productive, vibrant way to step away from everyday life and gain a refreshed perspective.  Aristotle and the peripatetic philosophers walked as a way to inquire philosophically and to educate others.  In preparation for his ministry, Jesus walked through the desert for forty days.  The Buddha walked for years before he found enlightenment.  Indigenous Australians memorized and passed down songlines to trace and communicate invisible pathways across the continent, marking their ancestors’ routes and guiding them across a vast continent.  Walkers have walked to gain a sense of place, to improve well-being, to harness attention, to cultivate awareness, to gain new experiences, to explore new territories, to march for freedom, and to express care and devotion for others.


… May we all show up for this magnificent world and its inhabitants as we walk, kissing the very earth with our footsteps.

~ Bonnie Smith Whitehouse, Afoot and Lighthearted: A Journal for Mindful Walking

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