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A Monday meander: Numbers game

The New Twins.

When we love something, we grant it soul, we see its soul, and we let its soul touch ours. We must love something deeply to know its soul (anima). Before the resonance of love, we are largely blind to the meaning, value, and power of ordinary things to “save” us and help us live in union with the source of all being. In fact, until we can appreciate and even delight in the soul of other things, even trees and animals, we probably haven’t discovered our own souls either. Soul knows soul through love…

~ Richard Rohr

You have to have compassion because it gives you the juice, the power, the passion to move. When you open to the pain of the world you move, you act. But that weapon is not enough. It can burn you out, so you need the other—you need insight into the radical interdependence of all phenomena. With that wisdom you know that it is not a battle between good guys and bad guys, but that the line between good and evil runs through the landscape of every human heart. With insight into our profound interrelatedness, you know that actions undertaken with pure intent have repercussions throughout the web of life, beyond what you can measure or discern.

~ Joanna Macy

In the evening.

We’re in the midst of our countdown.  Two more sleeps here at the ranch, as the Little Wookie puts it.  He counts days by way of sleeps, something I’m pretty sure his mother taught him.  It’s a pretty clever way of teaching the passage of time to a toddler.  Even for adults, it can be helpful.

It will be three more sleeps before we see Little Wookie and Little Peanut.  We’ll arrive near their bedtime on Wednesday.  It seems best to wait until morning rather than get them so excited that they don’t want to go to bed.

In the morning.

I’m a little anxious about it all.  There’s the getting safely from here to there.  I never take that for granted.  Then there is Covid-19.  I cycle through a lot of feelings about that situation.  Frustration, anger, and today, sadness.  So many people suffering and/or dying because our government murdered them with their inaction.  It would be easier for me to think it was incompetence, but there are days when I feel as if it’s all intentional.  Today it feels intentional after looking at the news and into the eyes of those telling lies about how “encouraging” the numbers are. My feelings are not a matter of conspiracy theories.  They are my feelings, nothing more.  But I do believe we should start calling it what it is:  murder.  That’s not to say that people wouldn’t have died if our government had handled it well.  I know there was probably no avoiding that.  What I am saying is that many more died than was necessary, and many more will die.

The spider waits.

The other thing that frustrates me is the way that we are fighting a kind of civil war over the wearing of masks.  I blame that on the current administration, too.  It’s another form of killing people.  The strife, the stress, the anger, and the chaos of it all.  It will be a relief to see the White House doors shut on that man when he is voted out of office.

A glow in the heart (-shaped leaves).

Lest you think I am all-negative, all-the-time, I do heed the advice of Mr. Rogers’s mother.  I keep an eye out for, and an eye on, the helpers.  There are so many of them out there, doing good things.  It is where I hope to place myself if things ever cool down a little in terms of the spread of the virus.  Even if they don’t, there are things I can continue to do from my place of privilege and safety.

One of the highlights of my day is seeing the tweets from José Andrés, Founder of World Central Kitchen, and from whoever is doing their tweeting under @WCKitchen.  The  work they are doing, and have been doing, is amazing.  Here’s the latest on their response to the virus:  Restaurants for the People: 2,300 Restaurants Cooking.  If you haven’t heard of them, please check them out.

Food is liberation, it’s freedom. Food is justice. Food is emancipation. Food is empowerment. Food is peace, food is love. Food is community.

– Chef Ameer, WCK Relief Team

I think they must scratch at their eyes with their hooves to keep the flies away.

It’s been really hot here.  That’s to be expected.  It is summer, after all.  It has also been extremely dry.  We are in a drought.  If you’re good at rain dances or prayers, and feel up to it, we could use a few asks for a decent rainfall.  The trees are looking droopy.  On the positive side of things, the grass probably won’t need to be mowed very much.  We hired someone to come by every other week to take care of the mowing so that our friends who are house- and pet-sitting won’t have to do it.  The crew came by for the first time last week (so we could get a look at their work).  Oh my goodness.  They do a much better job of it than M and I do!  They even did the weed whacking and some trimming along the walkways.  My only complaint is that they cut the grass much shorter than we normally do.  That’s not good for the grass, particularly during a drought.  But it will mean they won’t need to mow again for a while.  Maybe a long while if we don’t get any rain.


I am pretty much packed for the trip.  In addition to clothing, I have art supplies, my camera, a lot of books to read (many of which were recommended by my yoga teacher and I’m just getting around to them now that class has officially ended), study materials for the anatomy portion of the Yoga Darsana class (it’s self-study and I need to finish it), and a journal.  I plan to post here occasionally.  I have to get used to using M’s laptop, but that won’t take too long.  I also have toys and books for the boys.  I have missed them, so very much.  I don’t have to bring gifts, but I want to.  A few toys and books are small compared to what I get in return just being with family.

Hanging out by the pond.

I reckon that’s about it from me.  I’ll see you again sometime after I get settled in Ohio.  Maybe we’ll take a few walks around the pond at Breezy Acres.  Those of you who have been following me since my old blog (Life in the Bogs) will probably recognize it.  Or maybe not.  M the Younger and his wife have made changes since they moved into our old house.  Time would have changed things even if they hadn’t.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me today.  Our sunsets have been interesting lately.  If we have time, let’s go out to the Point to see what’s up.  Sunset is scheduled for 8:30 PM.

Please be safe, be well, and be kind.  ♥♥♥

The sunflowers are blooming.

A few of the 10,000 reasons to be happy:  1,451)  Sunflowers in bloom.  1,452)  And moths (or butterflies?) who match the colors of the sunflowers.  1,453)  This pretty day.  1,454)  The helpers and kind people.  Every single one of them, from the extroverts you see on the front lines to the introverts who work quietly in the background to the in-betweens who might do a bit of both.  I have faith that they outnumber the selfish and unkind.  1,455)  You, for visiting with me and providing a place for me to visit with you.  

Buzzing in. (The gladioli are blooming, too.)


Robin is...

7 thoughts on “A Monday meander: Numbers game

  1. A thoughtful post, Robin. I can imagine that you feel anxious, as well as excited, about going. That’s only normal. I agree with you about the inaction of the current administration. My sisters and I have wondered if my mom would have lived longer, if restrictions had been put into place earlier. It’s hard to say, she was 97, and having no visitors or mental stimulation was definitely a factor, too.
    Beautiful photos–as always. Have a safe journey and a wonderful time seeing your family!


  2. I will add my own bon voyage! How good it will be when you are close to your family. And of course you want bring your grandsons some treats. Isn’t that what grandparents are for?


  3. Hi Robin! I hope you have a very good trip with no COVID on your path toward loved ones. And may the heart’s peace and love of the moment shine stronger than all the frustrations that permeate our days. Loved the Joanna Macy quote very much, thanks for sharing it!


  4. Let’s hope this government gets voted out sooner rather than later.
    Have a good trip and enjoy your time with the Wookies and their parents. Stay safe.


  5. There’s so many changes in the world right now, so it’s good to know you here, still blogging, amid the craziness of the times. And I very much look forward to seeing Breezy Acres again.

    Safe travels, and enjoy your loved ones. xx


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