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The queen of flowers

After the rain.

Peonies are old-fashioned favorites of many gardeners because of their spectacular late-spring blossoms.  Each spring new shoots rise up from below the ground and develop into clumps of large leaves.  Its name means “healing,” and this embodies its protective energies.

… The peony does have some interesting folklore.  Its roots were used to carve amulets because of its protective energy.  If stormy weather arose while on a boat, a peony was burned like incense and the rough weather would calm.  To the Chinese, the peony is the queen of flowers and was always associated with the summer season.  They have grown peonies for 2,000 years.

… Some traditions tell us that the peony was created by the goddess of the moon to reflect her light at night.  Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, alignment with this flower helps your own inner sun reflect out into life more distinctly.  It helps to cleanse the aura of negative energies and it reminds us that the manifestation of any healing and artistic abilities will be beneficial now and that opportunities to use them are at hand.

~ Ted Andrews, Nature-Speak

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