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Bunny rabbit

The rabbits are out in force, chasing each other, hopping over the turkeys, and playing with the younger deer.

… The rabbit is known for its ability to procreate, its fleetness, its ability to make great leaps and hops.  It moves primarily by hops and leaps, and individuals with this totem find that their endeavors do so as well.  All of these characteristics are significant for those with this totem.

… Although some associate fear with the rabbit, it has wonderful abilities for defense.  Those with this totem would do well to apply them to their own life.  Rabbits often create forms to use for hiding and resting.  To create a form, the rabbit scratches a shallow bowl into the earth or grass that is open in front and in back to enable it to escape if necessary.  Rabbit people should plan for possibilities.  If a rabbit has shown up, it may indicate a need to do some more planning or check those you have already set in motion.  You do not want to box yourself into a corner.  Rabbits have a knack for avoiding being seen.  They can freeze, holding perfectly still.  They know that movement can be detected from great distances by many predators.  If you are involved in competition — in work or in play — it will be important not to foreshadow your moves.

Rabbits are also clever at doubling back, making quick and rapid turns.  If they need to flee they can be extremely fast.  Learning to shift from freezing to great speed is something all with this totem should learn.  It will aid your success and enable you to take advantage of opportunities that may only present themselves for brief moments.

Rabbits are vegetarians.  Those with this totem need to examine the kinds of foods being consumed.  For the greatest health and healing, a vegetarian diet, even if only temporary, will strengthen and heal.

Rabbit can show you how to recognize the signs around you.  It can help you to attune to the lunar cycle and recognize the tides of movement within your life.  This in turn will enable you to become even more fertile in your life.

~ Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

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