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Beethoven, enjoying a sunny day.

In spite of its plain appearance, the beauty of the mockingbird is recognized by all.  This beauty lies in its song.  It has one of the best singing voices of all birds, equal to that of the nightingale.  It also has a talent for mimicry.  Mockingbirds can imitate other birds, cats, and even dogs.

… The mockingbird can teach you about the power of song and voice.  It can help you to learn new languages and sing them just as naturally as one born to them.  Anytime the mockingbird shows up as a totem, it is a time to learn to sing out your talents.  Regardless of how others may see you, expect people to notice your actions — not your appearance.

The mockingbird can help you to realize your inner talents and sing them forth.  It can help you to find your own sacred song in life.  By singing that sacred song, you will find your life more rewarding and more significant.  Most people, even if they know their inner sacred song (life purpose), are afraid to act upon it.  The mockingbird can assist with this.

… The ability to stimulate responses in others is part of what the mockingbird can teach you.  It can help you to flush out injurious insects around you in your life and see where and who they are.  The mockingbird will help you to recognize subtle clues that others may miss.  You hear the true song of others.

Whenever the mockingbird arrives, look for opportunities to sing forth your own song.  Follow your own path.  Learn to take what you can and apply your own creative imagination and intuition to it, so that you sing it forth in the manner and tone that is most harmonious for you and your life.

~ Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

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