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Sitting by the walkway.

Toads are mostly found on land but can also survive in water. They inhabit every section of the globe and have the ability to endure some of the worse weather conditions. The common connotation of the toad spirit animal is transformation and survival. The toad undergoes a life metamorphosis from a tadpole into a toad. Besides, it braves different weather conditions to find shelter and food.

…The toad as a spirit animal is symbolic of growth. If you have a toad as your spirit guide, consider yourself lucky. Your connection with the spiritual realm is renewed because of this bond. The toad spirit guide will bring you spiritual help to solve all your concerns.

If you are looking for an emotional cleansing, call on the toad spirit guide. It is the best animal totem in this particular context because of its association with water. Besides, the cleanup can also help you start viewing life from a different but better lens.

Another toad totem spiritual significance in your life is intelligence. People born under this spirit animal have the blessings of good brains. It is this gift that they use to survive. When faced with confrontations, solid muscle alone cannot work. There must be a blend of both the strength of the mind and the body.

~ Wendy Jackson Continue reading “Toad”