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A cuppa Yogi tea.  (Pixlr filters used to give it a painting-like effect.)

Who can really say how decisions are made, how emotions change, how ideas arise? We talk about inspiration; about a bolt of lightning from a clear sky, but perhaps everything is just as simple and just as infinitely complex as the processes that make a particular leaf fall at a particular moment. That point has been reached, that’s all. It has to happen, and it does happen.

~ John Ajvide Lindqvist, Harbor

On the brink of a decision.

At various points in our lives, or on a quest, and for reasons that often remain obscure, we are driven to make decisions which prove with hindsight to be loaded with meaning.

~ Sri S. Satchidananda, The Yoga Sutras

The first photo is in response to Susanna Conway’s December Reflections prompt for today:  Best Decision in 2018.  It’s a cup of tea reflecting my decision to continue on as a teetotaler.  The decision to take a long vacation from alcohol was made in 2017, but the decision to continue my alcohol-free holiday comes at me pretty much every day, asking “Is that what you want?”  The answer, for the past 520 days, has been, “Yes indeed.”

I’m keeping this one short.  Thank you for visiting today.  Be good, be kind, be loving.  Just Be.  🙂

It looks like the guy on the left couldn’t make a decision about which board to take with him. I never did figure out why he took two or how he could possibly surf using two boards.

A few of the 10,000 reasons to be happy:  951)  I would have saved this for an auspicious number (someone suggested 1,001) but it feels right to acknowledge now.  Dale, for her Advent Calendar (that I hope to remember to borrow from her next year because it is a wonderful idea!).  Thank you so much for featuring my blog on Day 4.  (In case you don’t already follow Dale — I think most of you might — here is the link to Day 4.)  I will go back and check out the previous days soon.  952)  A septet of turkeys strolling by this afternoon.  (Don’t tell them that turkey hunting season starts next week.)  953)  The Wabi-Sabi Ranch.  It seems to have become a wildlife sanctuary.  I’m beginning to think the deer and turkeys know darn well that there’s no hunting on the ranch so they hang out here until the guns and bows are put away.  This could create problems in the future, but why worry about that now?  I enjoy the visitors.  954)  Waking up feeling almost normal this morning.  Looks like I’m finally shaking off the Toddler Plague.  955)  M, always.

No decisions to make here.


Robin is a photographer, artist, writer, yoga teacher, sometime poet, wife, mom, grandma, daughter, sister, friend, and occasional traveler currently living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She shares her daily walks and meanders, a lot of quotes, some of her artwork, and a lot of her photography here on Ye Olde Blogge. Older posts can be found at Life in the Bogs, her previous blog. Robin and her husband are (still!) in the midst of renovating the house and cleaning up the property they refer to as the Wabi-Sabi Ranch, 35 acres that include marsh, a dock on a tidal creek, meadows, and woodlands. Every day brings new discoveries.

26 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. So very glad you are finally feeling like you’re healed from the Toddler Plague (Love that name)
    No way I was NOT including you in my Advent Calendar – just realised I should have included a quote! Which I have just done – so, you’ll just have to go back 😉

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  2. Beautiful pictures as always, Robin. I’m curious about your decision to go off alcohol. I did so myself a couple months ago, feeling it was more habit than anything. And interestingly, once the habit was broken, I found I didn’t miss it. I doubt I will be teetotal, but will only be an occasional (and I mean very occasional) user. I have some friends who stopped a few years ago before one of them had surgery and at the time they mentioned getting a great deal of clarity of mind back. That isn’t something I’ve noticed, but it would be a good reason to stop!

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    1. Thank you, Lisa. 🙂 I quit because I wasn’t feeling well physically and my numbers (blood pressure, weight, etc.) were reflecting that. It seemed, at the time, one of the easiest things changes I could make was to quit alcohol, at least temporarily, although I found it wasn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be. I had a pretty strong habit going (especially after the last presidential election). It took a while to get out of the brain fog I had established with alcohol. I have to agree with your friends who said it brought clarity of mind back. I’ve found the same thing. It also has allowed me to experience more of life, maybe because I am in the present more. Also, alcohol has a way of numbing feelings. Without it, I have to deal with whatever comes up and that’s been a very good thing. I don’t miss it too much, and I think my life is better without it. However, there are times when I think a glass of wine might be nice and I do like a good, hoppy beer (I used to homebrew beer and mead). That usually happens when I’m with friends who are drinking and it’s usually just a passing thought.

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      1. Thanks! All good reasons. I’m glad it’s going well. I find if I don’t have it, I don’t miss it, but the habit of it took a bit of discipline. Good luck–and keep up the walks as we enjoy going on them with you. I’m awaiting news on the possible snow.

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  3. Robin, so interesting. I was thinking of writing a blog post about how we make decisions—although am really clueless mostly. I quit alcohol for 13 years once but started drinking again one night in Italy when the server brought over a free glass to celebrate our trip. It felt God-given. Like to limit wine to two glasses a week but don’t always succeed. Congratulations that your decision has “stuck”.

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    1. Thank you, Kathy. 🙂 It wouldn’t be the first time we were on the same wavelength/subject when it comes to writing blog posts. I can understand that feeling of something being God-given. As the a decision that “stuck,” I take it day by day. It’s possible the decision will come “unstuck” someday. Or not. Who knows?

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  4. Robin – congrats on 520 days and what inspires me the most is how objectively you are thinking about alcohol – and the ongoing way you are pondering this choice – that cup of tea looks like one I would make (my mom left a few of those glass mugs here a while back) and the way you grabbed the sunlight beaming down and through – well
    It fot your words and ideas here.

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