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Look up

Looking up in the woods to see the trees are greening and leafing out.

Learn to look up now and then, just in case a piano is falling from overhead.

~ Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

When a loblolly pine and a wild cherry tree meet in the woods.

I took a slow walk today so I could look up for today’s April Love 2018 prompt.  I usually do look up, down, and everywhere I can when I’m out walking, but this time of year I am more likely to be looking down.  During the spring months, as the weather begins to warm up, the snakes come out to bask in the sun and warm their cold-blooded bodies.  It’s a good idea to keep an eye on where I’m going to step next, playing a game of stick, shadow, or snake (“Is that a stick, a shadow, or a snake?”).  If it’s moving, it’s a good possibility it’s a snake.

Looking up at the loblolly pine, the maple, and the old oak tree.

So, I looked down to make sure the path was clear, checking the sides as well because the snakes often sit on the side of the path, and then I would look up to see what I could see.  Up in the pin oak by the garden, I saw my first hummingbird of the season.  M saw his first one last week.  Up in the mulberry tree, the bluebirds were on the lookout for breakfast.  A kingbird perched in an Asian pear tree.  We just saw them for the first time this season on Monday, taking over one of the perches near the front of the house.  He chased off the bluebirds who had the perches to themselves all winter and will now have to share.

There were bald eagles, laughing gulls, ducks, turkey vultures, red-winged blackbirds, swallows, and clouds all sharing the sky with the sun.  Eventually the clouds blocked the sun and, smelling rain in the air, I decided to make my way back to the house.  As you might have noted, I didn’t get pictures of the birds I mentioned (with the exception of a laughing gull coming up soon in this post).  I didn’t take photos of a lot of things I saw as I was looking up.  The trees drew my attention more than anything.  They are the Earth’s lungs, each leaf with their own stomata (as many as 300 per leaf on average) taking in carbon dioxide and giving back oxygen.  The trees literally clean the air for us.  Isn’t that amazing?

New leaves and seeds way up in the old oak tree.

Thanks for dropping by and looking up with me today.  We should go out to the Point for sunset this evening.  It will be another good opportunity to look up and watch how the light and colors paint the sky.  Sunset is scheduled for 7:49 PM.  I’ll meet you there about ten minutes before that.

Be good, be kind, be loving.  Just Be.  🙂

Moon Gull. (A double exposure/collage.)

A few of the 10,000 reasons to be happy:  681)  The miracle of trees.  682)  Seeing the first hummingbird of the season, and having him swoop down to say hello.  (Actually, I think he was trying to tell me to put up the feeder.  I told him I’ll dig the feeders out of the garage today.  I’ll make some hummingbird food (1 part sugar to 4 parts water), and get them hung out tomorrow.  683)  Watching the birds on the decorative fence outside the office window.  The bluebirds sit there, then the mockingbirds chase them away.  As soon as the mockingbirds start to settle in, the kingbird comes along and tells them to shoo!  684)  All kinds of fresh veggies from yesterday’s visit to the market.  Our local farmers are bringing in some good stuff lately (small beets, radishes, asparagus, greens, dill, cilantro, and more).  685)  Beets & greens soup for dinner tonight.

Sky energy. (Sunrise clouds.)


Robin is a photographer, artist, writer, yoga teacher, sometime poet, wife, mom, grandma, daughter, sister, friend, and occasional traveler currently living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She shares her daily walks and meanders, a lot of quotes, some of her artwork, and a lot of her photography here on Ye Olde Blogge. Older posts can be found at Life in the Bogs, her previous blog. Robin and her husband are (still!) in the midst of renovating the house and cleaning up the property they refer to as the Wabi-Sabi Ranch, 35 acres that include marsh, a dock on a tidal creek, meadows, and woodlands. Every day brings new discoveries.

13 thoughts on “Look up

  1. Snakes do rather bring one down to earth but it was a joy to share your upward looking shots and take some of that sky energy – of course the moon gull double exposure is magnificent

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  2. I looked up myself, but it was yesterday. I’m posting what I saw tomorrow for Thursday Doors. I’d keep looking up, too, if there were snakes. I don’t like snakes. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I always look up when I walk, but do check my footing as well. 😉 Do you have poisonous snakes there? That would make me nervous.
    So glad your migrants are showing up. Hummers will be here in 2 wks – can’t wait! They show up when the quince blooms, good timing.
    Got my first black fly bite yesterday, unfortunately! 😦 They make gardening not so much fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We do have copperheads, Eliza, which are poisonous. I have not yet seen one. The Eastern Shore is home to 22 different species of snakes, and some are regional (usually the rarer species).
      I hit what must have been a nest of ticks last time I was out in the garden and have been avoiding it since. They were crawling all over my legs. I don’t know what’s up with the ticks and my flower garden. They are the main reason I want to give it up. I’ve tried pretty much everything out there (including your suggestions).


      1. I’m shuddering with you, ticks are horrible. I used my tick sweeper this past weekend and was able to pick up about 20 on the perimeter to drop into soapy water, and the yard was still pretty good. Have you tried dragging a white sheet around to catch them? Or how about this:


    1. That’s so true, Frank. I have to remind myself from time to time to turn around, too, especially during a sunrise or sunset. Sometimes the best view isn’t the way I’d normally look. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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