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Happiness is

A male bluebird in the morning. (That’s a Christmas tree ornament he’s sitting on. We found a whole box of them in the greenhouse when we first cleaned it out five years ago.  The bluebirds seem to like them for perching.)

In flight the bluebirds are very charming at this time of year; a leisurely flip of the wing carries them along silently with just enough momentum to keep them afloat in the air, and they often sail for a long way, drifting along with open wings.

~ Dr. Winsor M. Tyler

This beautiful and singularly lovable bird divides with the Robin the grateful mission of bringing to its northern friends the welcome news that spring is at hand.

~ George Gladden, 1917

With due respect to other birds, the “Baltimore Oriole of happiness” simply doesn’t sound right.

~Steve Grooms

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