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In the sand today.

The picture alone, without the written word, leaves half the story untold.

~ James Lafferty

This post is in response to Susannah Conway’s April Love 2018 prompt for today:  Written.  Quick post today.  M and I have been out hiking and enjoying this beautiful Sunday.  I hope your Sunday is/was beautiful, too.

New Brunswick, Canada. (June 2012)

A few of the 10,000 reasons to be happy:  635)  A hike in the woods.  636)  Perfect hiking weather (cool, breezy, and sunny).  637)  Fields of purple flowers.  638)  Seeing two Bald Eagles on our way home.  639)  Sitting by the Pocomoke River.  640)  Lunch at our new favorite Chinese restaurant.  (Our old favorite is closed.  The couple who owned it — she was the waitstaff and he was the chef — decided to retire.)