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21. A morning rose

Lit from within.

Life is as simple as a rose — there’s nothing complicated about it — and yet it is mysterious.  Although there is nothing complicated about it, we are not able to comprehend it through the intellect.  You can fall in love with a rose, you can smell it, you can touch it, you can feel it, you can even be it, but if you start dissecting it, you will only have something dead in your hands.

~ Osho, Everyday Osho


Robin is...

5 thoughts on “21. A morning rose

    1. Thanks, Caren. 🙂 I try to, but life keeps me pretty busy, and my internet connection is limited and slow which makes it difficult to keep up with 800+ other blogs and bloggers, as much as I might like to. Thank you for following, and if you feel you need to unfollow, I understand. Wishing you all the best. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Dawn. 🙂 It’s the angle of the light in the morning. If you get low, you can catch it going through things (such as a rose or a leaf). The other thing is to underexpose it (or use Curves if you’re editing your photos in Photoshop or some of the online editing programs which also have it).


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