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A light reminder

Imagine.  (Playing in Photoshop.  I'll show you the original photo in a moment.)
Imagine. (Playing in Photoshop. I’ll show you the original photo in a moment.)

The inner light actually comes from the soul; it is already inside of us.  The moment we can have free access to our soul, we will see that this light is coming to the fore to permeate our whole outer existence.

~ Sri Chinmoy, The Wings of Joy: Finding Your Path to Inner Peace

Quick reminder:  Please join Frank and me over at his place, A Frank Angle, this evening or tomorrow for our collaboration on the subject of Light.  I made a mistake on the timing when I posted about it on Saturday.  The post is scheduled for 9:30 PM (U.S. eastern time, I think).  If I get a chance this evening, I’ll come back and update the link so it will take you right to the post.  And here you go, a direct link:  On Light.  Thank you, Frank!  I love the way you weaved together your words and my images.

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