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Break of day

5:30 AM on this warm and humid Thursday.
5:30 AM today.

The fading dawn colors revive momentarily, and the sky shines with lilac and daffodil, layering colors in clouds like quilts stacked on a bed.  More birds chime into the morning air: a nuthatch’s nasal onk joins the crow’s croak and a black-throated green warbler’s murmur from the branches above the mandala.  As the colors finally fade under the fierce gaze of their mother, the sun, a wood thrush caps the dawn chorus with his astounding song.  The song seems to pierce through from another world, carrying with it clarity and ease, purifying me for a few moments with its grace.  Then the song is gone, the veil closes, and I am left with embers of memory.

~ David George Haskell, The Forest Unseen: A Year’s Watch in Nature

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