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Five Photos, Five Stories: A walk at twilight

Fairy bed
A place to rest.

I went out for a walk the other evening to stretch my legs and enjoy the breeze.  It was one of those liminal times, just after the sun has set but before the darkness takes over, a time between times when the veil between the worlds is thin and, it is said, magic happens.  As I approached the roses, I caught sight of something out of the corner of eye.  A wing, a flicker, a spark of light, a giggle made almost tangible.  I looked down towards the ground where I thought the flutter had come from, and there I found a tiny bed made from a rose petal nestled in the curved valley of a leaf.

Starlight portal.

Woodland Gnome from The Forest Garden invited me to play along with the latest photo challenge making the rounds.  It is called Five Photos, Five Stories, and it is a very simple challenge.  If you wish to participate, post a photo each day for five consecutive days, and tell a story about each photo.  The story can be truth or fiction, poetry or prose.

The rules also state that each day you should nominate another blogger to participate in the challenge, but we all know how I feel about rules and blog challenges.  Most of my blog friends have either already participated or been invited so, for today, I will not specify anyone in particular.  If you would like to join in the fun, please consider yourself nominated and let me know that you will be participating so I can link to and share your first photo and story in one of my next Five Photos post.

Oh, and I will not be following the consecutive days rule.  Because I’m contrary that way.

At twilight.
At twilight.

As for today’s photo, it is indeed a rose petal nestled in the leaf of weed growing near the roses.  And the story, well… it could be true.


Robin is... too many things to list, but here is a start: an artist and writer; a photographer and saunterer; a daughter and sister and granddaughter; a friend, a partner, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother; a gardener, a great and imaginative cook, and the creator of wonderful sandwiches.

8 thoughts on “Five Photos, Five Stories: A walk at twilight

    1. It is true, Karma. I’m pretty sure we have fairies around here. They disguise themselves as other creatures, but I’m on to them. 😉


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