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At the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington, D.C.
“The Four Freedoms.”  At the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Words are not just words.  They have moods, climates of their own.

~ Osho

December 2014C 064a

Meanwhile, back in Washington, D.C…

After visiting the Jefferson Memorial (see this post if you’re just getting caught up), we made our way along the pathway to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.  I have not been over that way before, and had no idea there was a memorial to FDR until we started looking at the map to decide which way to go.  I don’t know how I missed it because I’ve been to D.C. several times since the monument was dedicated by President Clinton in 1997.

One thing was obvious about the memorial: there are a lot of water features.  Because it was winter, the water was turned off.  I would love to go back again during the spring or summer and see it with the water features working.  I’m told that enhances the memorial and the experience.  The National Park website mentions that the water serves two purposes.  It reflects FDR’s love of water (he was Secretary of the Navy during World War I), and it blocks the noise from a nearby airport.  The Wikipedia article states that there is symbolism involved in the five main water features.  Check out the article for more information about the memorial.

I would also like to see the memorial in the evening when the lights are turned on.  I’ve seen a few photographs of it at night, and it’s beautiful.

Hanging out with Eleanor (Roosevelt).  This is the only presidential memorial that includes a depiction of a First Lady of the United States.
Hanging out with Eleanor (Roosevelt). This is the only presidential memorial that includes a depiction of a First Lady of the United States.  The First Lady is standing next to the emblem for the United Nations to honor her dedication to the U.N.

Because we were coming from the Jefferson Memorial, we approached the FDR memorial backwards.  The memorial stretches out 7.5 acres and is divided into four sections or “rooms”, one for each of Roosevelt’s terms in office.  We started with his last term and worked our way to his first.  I am not sure it’s necessary to walk through the “rooms” in order, but I think it would be interesting to see it progress in chronological order.

December 2014C 071a


There are a lot of words in Washington, D.C.  Some are a result of hot air and pomposity, but some are worth noting and pondering.  You’ll usually find those at the monuments and memorials.

"I hate war."
“I hate war.”

While we’re looking at some scenes from the FDR memorial, I want to share some more of his words with you, words I didn’t see at the memorial:

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.  Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Walking through the memorial.
Walking through the memorial.

I have a reason for bringing up that particular quote right now.  Have you seen the latest information in regards to rice?  I’m a little behind the times as this information was published by Consumer Reports in 2014, so maybe this won’t come as a shock to you.  There is arsenic in rice, brown rice having more of it than white rice.  According to Consumer Reports, rice from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas have the highest levels of inorganic arsenic.  You can read the article here.

December 2014C 088a
These stamped metal plaques were interesting. I somehow missed what they represent.

Brown rice has been a staple in my diet.  I do include other grains, but brown rice has long been a go-to since it’s easy to prepare.  I guess it’s time to rethink rice although it’s good to know it doesn’t have to be completely eliminated from my diet.

I wonder if we’ll somehow evolve to tolerate the things we’re doing to the earth’s soil or will we end up poisoning ourselves eventually?

"The Rural Couple"
“The Rural Couple” (the Great Depression Era section)

That’s about it from the FDR memorial except for a few more images to help end this post.  There is a lot more to see than I’m showing you.  It seems like a good idea to leave something to be surprised by in case you should happen to visit it someday.

December 2014C 093a

Thank you for stopping by today.  Do you have any plans for the weekend?  I’m not sure what I’ll be doing.  I’m thinking about trying my hand at making soap.  It depends on whether or not I can find a missing ingredient.  I bought a kit, but there was an ingredient missing.  That was my fault.  I didn’t check to see what I’d need and make sure it was included in the kit.  It’s not a beginner’s kit, and it’s assumed that you’ll have some things on hand.

The weather isn’t quite as cold today.  It’s in the 40’s which feels like a heat wave compared to how chilly it’s been the past few days.  Let’s meet on the dock for sunset.  It’s at 5:00 PM today.  I’ll bring some warm, mulled wine to warm us up from the inside out, and an herbal tea for those not indulging.

Statue of the man himself.
Statue of the man himself.

Be good, be kind, be loving.  Just Be.  🙂  And have a great weekend!

December 2014C 096aToday’s joys:  Sunshine, clear skies, and warmer temperatures; miso soup for breakfast; music and dancing; a flowing yoga practice in the early morning; interesting words to ponder.



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19 thoughts on “Words

  1. A very timely post from over here in Europe – especially the Four Freedoms. It’s been a sad week in France. 😦

    Enjoy your weekend, I hope you source the missing ingredient and enjoy your creativity! Bea received a beginners soap kit for Christmas which I’m hoping we can do together this weekend too. 🙂

    Are those your beautiful grandaughters hanging out with Eleanor Roosevelt?


    1. I thought of what was going on in France when I was putting this post together, Rabbit. 😦

      They are indeed my beautiful granddaughters. 🙂 Have fun with Bea!


  2. I think this has to be one of my favorite posts by you. Thank you. I felt like I was walking through the memorial with you.

    This weekend I’m teaching myself more zentangle patterns so I can start creating some of my own tiles. You can try that this weekend. You don’t need fancy supplies. I just cut card stock into 3.5 inch squares and used a pigment marker I had already. And I looked online ( Check out my blog post on Zentangle Starts from a couple of days ago.


  3. What wondeful words and aspirations in the memorials you photographed. What a shame that most ofthe world forgets to listen to wisdom like this….as the world once again becomes more and more uneven between the haves and the have nots


  4. Wonderful, wonderful post, Robin. The FDR quote about soils is a new one to me and one I’ll have to use in a future post. And I loved the Eleanor Roosevelt memorial. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful observations and insights, as always.


  5. FDR was a man with great foresight to the future. I’ve read many of Eleanor’s quotes too, they both sound as if they were a very inspirational couple for the USA. And what an honour for your beautiful E and M to be photographed with Eleanor (even if it is a statue!) 🙂


    1. He sure was, Joanne. Very inspirational couple. I was happy to find out that Emma knows who Eleanor Roosevelt was. I posed with her too, but I don’t think I’ll be posting that pic. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for the tour – looks like a nice, well-designed memorial – I’m glad they put Eleanor in there – she was as important as he was and had a large circle of influence in her own right. Did you see the miniseries by Ken Burns about the Roosevelts? It was very informative, I learned a lot. If you missed it, your library may have it. It would be a good finale to your trip. 🙂


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