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Sea breezes

Following the Laughing Gulls to Chincoteague
Following the Laughing Gulls to Chincoteague

A fragrant breeze wandered up from the quiet sea, trailed along the beach, and drifted back to the sea again, wondering where to go next.  On a mad impulse it went up to the beach again.  It drifted back to sea.

~ Douglas Adams

Memorial Day at the beach
Memorial Day at the beach

Yesterday was hot and humid, perfect for sitting on the beach and catching a sea breeze or two to cool off.  The sea, unlike the one in the quote, was not a quiet one.  The wind was blowing the water every which way.


Just for fun, I took Lulu, the everything-proof camera, with me.  The big camera stayed at home, safe from sand and sea spray.

Waves piling up on each other
Waves piling up on each other

Spending a few hours on the beach was the perfect ending to a busy weekend.  I left there feeling refreshed and ready for the busy week ahead.

A quick step
A quick step

Do you remember the laughing gulls that were visiting a nearby field?  We still have a few flying around the Wabi-Sabi Ranch, but most of them appear to be spending the summer at or near the beach.  Who can blame them?  That’s where I’d be all the time, too, if I could.

Looks like the one in the air is screeching, "Get out of the way!  I'm coming in for a landing!"
Looks like the one in the air is screeching, “Get out of the way! I’m coming in for a landing!”

Chincoteague is a relatively narrow strip of land.  It doesn’t take long to leave the beach on the ocean side and walk over to beach on the bay side.  I strolled over to see what was happening on, in, and near the bay, and saw something I have never seen before.

The Horseshoe Crab convention
The Horseshoe Crab convention.  (Three horseshoe crabs gathered together.)

Live horseshoe crabs!  Normally I see the shells of the dead washed up on the beach.  The spring mating of the horseshoe crabs means lots of eggs for feeding migrating shorebirds.  Chincoteague Bay is second only to Delaware Bay as the spot to see the birds who make the long trip from South America to the Arctic.  They stop to fuel up for the next long leg of their journey, and it is the horseshoe crab eggs that make these areas attractive to them.  I spotted what I think is a Ruddy Turnstone walking along the beach.

I think this is a Ruddy Turnstone.
I think this is a Ruddy Turnstone.

I’m not sure how many horseshoe crabs I saw.  A lot!  Some were gathered together in groups of 2-5 crabs, and some were on their own, trying to get together with others.  They spawn during the new and full moons in late May and early June.  (The new moon phase is tonight.)  I imagine it will be quite a sight when all the birds gather to feed once the eggs are laid.

Make a splash
Make a splash.  (Lulu, being a point & shoot, tends to overexpose at times, but I don’t mind.  It’s a fun camera.)

Thank you for visiting today, and taking a short walk on Chincoteague Island with me.  I hope your Tuesday has been delightful.  Let’s meet at the Point for sunset.  It’s so hot today.  We should be able to catch a nice breeze down there where the river meets the bay.  Sunset will be at 8:16 PM.  We could even go for a swim.  The water is still slightly chilly, but once you get used to it, it’s not too bad.

May 2014L 103a

Be good, be kind, be loving.  Just Be.  🙂

Today’s joys:  A morning bike ride (7 miles); morning glories blooming in the wheat fields; the beautiful fields of wheat; a lovely lunch with M; iced tea on a hot day.



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18 thoughts on “Sea breezes

    1. What a fabulous idea, CM! I’ve been wondering about a way to see more of the beach. There is a lot of beach to cover (Assateague Island is 37 miles long), much of it not available unless you walk or go the OSV (over sand vehicle) route (which requires a street legal vehicle such as a jeep or truck or RV and a permit). But a fat tire bike! Yes! That would do it. Thank you. It’s time to plan a big adventure. 🙂


    1. That’s odd, PhilosopherMouse. Usually the gulls can’t wait to flap around and hover for the camera. They must have their off days too, just like the rest of us. 🙂


    1. I thought that too, elmediat! Or something sci-fi because when you see them in larger groups, it sure looks like some of the spacecrafts seen in movies or described in books. The horseshoe crab has been here for 350 million years. Imagine what tales they could tell…


    1. It’s a whole different world to me, Karma, being at the beach where it’s warm enough to swim in May. Glad you could come along in the cyber sense. 🙂


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