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Sunday soapbox

Snow day
Snow day.  (A collage.)

Given the unity of all minds, what we do to others, and what we think about others, boomerangs back to us.  If we wish to feel peace, then we must wish peace for others.  And whatever punishment we wish upon others, we subconsciously attract to ourselves.

~ Marianne Williamson

It didn't last long
It didn’t last long

Snow came to visit yesterday.  It snowed like crazy for an hour or two.  It was too warm for it to stick, and eventually most of it melted away.  Cold air followed the snow, and pushed the clouds out to sea.  We woke to a beautiful, clear, chilly and sunny day.

Walking along the road
Walking along the road

I went out to the road for part of my walk today.  I like to walk on the road from time to time because I walk faster, get my heart rate up, and don’t have to watch my footing.  I peered into the woods a lot at the beginning of my walk.

Looking into the woods
Looking into the woods

After turning around to head home, I found myself looking at the ground.  On both sides of the road there are ditches.  That’s true of most roads here.  The ditches drain into the creeks which drain into the rivers which, well, you know how that goes.  All the way out to the great big sea.


I forgot to take a bag with me so I could collect the trash.  It hasn’t been that long since I walked out that way and I was surprised at how much garbage has accumulated (given that M and I usually clean up when we go out).

A redhead with freckles
A redhead with freckles

A friend recently sent me a link to this article about micro-plastics found in the Great Lakes.  I didn’t realize they use plastic in facial scrubs.  I know there are plenty of natural exfoliating products that can be used in facial and skin scrubs, and I assumed that’s what was being used.  Assuming, of course, is not a good practice.

Wendy's spoon
Wendy’s spoon

Looking around today, I found a short TED Talk about plastics in our oceans, Charles Moore: Seas of plastic.

Bottle cap
Not plastic, but still trash.

I could link you up to more articles and talks, but I’m preaching to the choir here.  The only reason I’m blogging about today’s finds is to document it.  Will it change anything?  I don’t know.  I hope so.

Breakfast on the road.  (This looked as though it had been dropped just a few minutes before I found it.  The donuts still look fresh, or as fresh as pre-packaged donuts can be.)
Breakfast on the road. (This looked as though it had been dropped just a few minutes before I found it. The donuts still look fresh, or as fresh as pre-packaged donuts can be.)

This particular grouping of trash bugged me the most:

All wrapped up
All wrapped up

Someone took the time and trouble to neatly wrap up their garbage from McDonald’s, and then threw it out the window of their vehicle.

Nothing natural

We will clean it up.  I think some of it may have been originally headed for the landfill.  Lots of folks here do what we do, and take their trash to the landfill themselves.  It’s cheaper that way.  We load ours in the trunk of the car, the only vehicle we have.  A large number of people in this area have pick-up trucks.  They throw the trash in the open bed, and some of it goes flying out on their way to the landfill.

This must be the most popular brand and type of beer on the lower Eastern Shore.
This must be the most popular brand and type of beer on the lower Eastern Shore.

It’s time for me to step down from my soapbox.  I hope I didn’t do much speechifying.  The images probably did a lot of that for me.  Thank you for stopping by on this gorgeous, sunny day.  Sorry the place is all trashed up.  Some people apparently still don’t know any better.  Maybe they’ll learn by example.

Drink responsibly.
Drink responsibly.

Be good, be kind, be loving.  Just Be.  🙂

Mother Nature's trash floating up the creek.
Mother Nature’s trash floating up the creek.


Robin is... too many things to list, but here is a start: an artist and writer; a photographer and saunterer; a daughter and sister and granddaughter; a friend, a partner, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother; a gardener, a great and imaginative cook, and the creator of wonderful sandwiches.

20 thoughts on “Sunday soapbox

  1. Looks like a gorgeous day. I heard on CNN this morning that some parts of the US will be getting a bit of relief from frigid temperatures. The plastic problem is a HUGE problem in Southeast Asia, where sometimes, there are, what appear to be, entire islands of trash. It’s sad. Going now to check out the TED talk. Happy and peaceful Sunday to you, Robin!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  2. The sky looked a beautiful blue today.
    I think people would stop throwing trash out of their window if they were fined heavily for doing so. It does not take much to keep it neatly in a bag and throw it away the next time you pass a garbage bin. This is what we do every time we take a road trip and eat in the car.


  3. I am so worried about plastic waste. Did you know they even find pieces of plastic in the antarctic ocean? Yes, you probably already knew this. I was horrified when I learnt this. Now I try to use as little as possible and recycle as much as I can, but it’s a drop in the ocean (and not an intended pun!). And I am no angel, far from it! (However, I would NEVER throw litter from a car window!)


  4. The height of laziness, disregard, and disrespect. I see it every where. Pick it up when I can. But people picking up trash will never catch up with the trashers. Makes me too angry to even think clearly (or without cussing in my head).


  5. My folks used to walk a mile up the road and back every day, and they carried a bag to pick up the trash as they went. After awhile the others that live along the road recognized them and waved as they went by. Eventually there was less trash. I guess people realized that two little old people were picking it up and were ashamed to toss it. After they died two neighbors banded together and they walk up and down the road picking up trash, they said they do it in my parents’ honor. Made me cry.


  6. So glad you also had a beautiful day today, Robin. Documenting the trash lets it not be OK. Such a shame that folks living in a beautiful natural area like the Shore don’t love it enough to take their trash where it belongs. A terrible things for wildlife and the environment. Thanks to you and M for your part in picking it up. Best wishes, WG


  7. I could spit, Robin, I’m that angry, we hurt this Planet, we’re leaving our trash on this beautiful Planet, every piece of plastic adds to the rubbish pile, putting all kinds of wildlife, landscape, lake, Oceon in danger by polution. AND what do they do about it? Plastic manufacturers must be brought to account, they must find alternates that are natural, unharmful to the environment. I try so hard not to buy products covered with all kinds of ‘pretty’ plastic, OOOOooo, I shall calm down, AS you say yourself, you’re preaching to the converted, and you’re collecting the dropped items above, I do the same at home, BUT what’s in the minds of these individuals? Drop it and it;ll disappear naturally? Pffffft!!! Calm, and peaceful thoughts, I despair sometimes, for everywhere you look, there’s something else happening, ….calm… breathe in slowly. and release!! sigh!!
    have a good week, and the roads? I love roads, they speak to me of journeys, of the best road of all, the road homewards.. peace and Happy New Trails to you xPenx


  8. I will never, ever, ever understand throwing garbage out your car window. Throwing garbage period. We are staying at a friend’s apartment, in Paris for a few days, and the amount of litter on the streets is astounding, especially considering there are trash receptacles every 100 feet it seems. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.


  9. I can’t believe so many people in this world are still so very ignorant. Maybe I am just lucky to live in a fairly clean place or maybe it is part of the upbringing of kids here in very liberal Massachusetts, but it is quite rare that I find trash when I go out walking.


  10. Thank you for all your wonderful comments. It’s comforting to know there are so many others out there who care enough to dispose of their trash properly. 🙂


  11. Robin… definitely a topic worth getting up on your soapbox about. This planet is all we have and we are not taking good care of it .. we are killing it.
    I have never lived in the south .. I was amazed to see leaves on the trees in your pictures .. I have not seen leaves since October. I assume they fall off in the Fall … how long before they grow back? How long were you without leaves?


    1. A lot of the trees and shrubs around here are evergreens, Bearyweather. Loblolly pines dominate the landscape, along with wax myrtles, hollies, and magnolias. The only deciduous trees still retaining leaves are the oaks, and the leaves are brown and just haven’t dropped (although a few more winds from a nor’easter ought to blow off whatever is left). No sign of spring growth on the trees yet. It’s been cold (although not as cold as what you have been experiencing). The daffodils have popped up, though, and the irises. With warm weather on the way this week, I’m wondering if the daffs will bloom.


      1. There is a red oak in my front yard that has not dropped its brown leaves, yet … it is well protected from the wind by the trees. Shortly, the leaves will be blowing across the crusty snow like little crabs.


  12. That is so sad to see! I just don’t understand some people….I went to the movies last Friday and when it ended and everyone got up to leave, I saw this woman a few seats down from me kick a piece of trash under her seat and I asked “You want to pick up your trash?” Woman: “Excuse me?” Me: “The trash you just kicked under the seat??!!!” Woman: “Oh no… I’ll let the workers do that!” After I mentally dragged her back over there and made her eat her trash off the floor, I told her exactly what I thought of her! Although she still didn’t go back and cleaned up after herself.


  13. Litter is alarming to me … How can people care so little for their home? My husband and I go bottle/can hunting along the road and I am sorry to say, the findings usually pay for the gas…. Jane


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