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3: Beginning

The first
The first

Once upon a time there was what there was, and if nothing had happened there would be nothing to tell.

~ Charles de Lint, Dreams Underfoot

The second

I have a post written about The Weather Channel and Me (appropriately titled “TWC and Me”).  I’ve been working on it for a few days, and have it all polished up and ready to go.  The recent snow and some of the photos I took of the snow combined well with my ramble, which is really a soft rant about the naming of storms and how I feel about that.  I know, it’s old news.  It bugged me at the time they started doing it, and it’s still bugging me now.  The only good I could find in it is how amusing it is that they might be naming a winter storm after the Roman god of fire (Vulcan) should we have that many winter storms this season.  Sometimes the smallest things amuse me.

The reason I’m not posting my soft rant about TWC and me is because I am excited about the new camera in my life, and even though the first few pictures are not that good, I wanted to share them because they are the first few pictures.  A beginning.  That makes it perfect for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge where we’re asked to show “Beginning.”  Coincidentally, it also ties in with the Daily Prompt:

When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element?  How was it?  Will you do it again?

Photographers, artists, poets:  show us NEW


While photography is not completely out of my element, the camera is.  It’s much more complicated (or so it seems at this point) than any other camera I’ve owned.  So far I am enjoying it, and intend to keep doing it again.  Over the years I’ve often heard the phrase, “it’s the photographer, not the camera,” and while that may be true to a certain extent, I’m beginning to realize that it’s the camera, too.  The clarity I’m getting is incredible (and sometimes too much because it shows that I need to dust!).

This also gives me a chance to show off another gift I received for Christmas from M the Younger and his wife, Mere.  It’s something that also meets the qualification for NEW.  A masala dubba or, as I call it, a spice thingie.


I do a lot of Indian-inspired cooking, and have wanted a masala dubba for a couple of years.  Having this spice thingie is almost as exciting as the new camera.  Almost.

Sunrise this morning
Sunrise this morning

Back to the camera.  I think I’ve already mentioned that I learn best by doing rather than reading.  I did use the manual to get me started (how to attach the strap, how to charge the battery, where to insert the battery and the memory card, and, most importantly, how to turn on the camera and set the date and time).  I also had to learn about attaching the lens since that’s something I’ve never done.

Through the bedroom window
Through the bedroom window

There is so much more I need to learn, but right now I want to play and explore and discover things about the camera on my own.  I will have to go back to the manual eventually.  I don’t know the basics of the lenses (my camera came with three lenses as part of a bundle deal) or what to do with all the other stuff that came in the bundle.  Even the camera case is a puzzle to me.

Bella (edited in Photoshop)

As for that post about The Weather Channel and me, ah well.  I’m going to trash it.  Or maybe I’ll see if I can salvage some of the story part of it in which I give a little history of me.  I’m no longer in the mood to rant, and frankly, I no longer have any doings with TWC.  I use other weather oracles to get my predictions for the day.  Most of the time I do the most sensible thing of all: I step outside and see what’s going on.

In the kitchen window
In the kitchen window

Thank you for visiting today.  I’ll try not to subject you too much to my early experiments with the new camera, especially since some of these early experiments are less than optimal.  I took the camera out for a walk today, and came back with a lot of crappy images.  When I mentioned this to a friend, she replied that “crap is a stepping stone.”  That made me laugh.  She’s right.  It is.

I hope your weekend is going well.  Are you finding time for play and/or learning?  Did you get any new toys for Christmas?

One last look at this morning's sunrise.
One last look at this morning’s sunrise (from the kitchen).

Be good, be kind, be loving.  Just Be.  🙂

Today’s joys:  Morning yoga practice (I could feel my body responding with an “ahhhh, that feels good!”); a beautiful sunrise; breakfast with M; watching the ice floating on the creek; listening to the blues on the radio.

The only shot from today's walk that I'm willing to show you.
The only shot from today’s walk that I’m willing to show you.


Robin is...

53 thoughts on “3: Beginning

  1. oh there’ll be no stopping you now. Yay! Or you may be like me and three years after new camera, I still have so, so much to learn! So much fun awaits you and so much of discovery. We’re going to love being on the journey with you. I just know it. Love those glass bottles – I have a green one, back home, in a box somewhere! and that’s okay.
    Glad you divorced TWC. I tell people it’s the quickest way to reduce some stress in your life!


    1. Ain’t that the truth, Joss? That was one of the things I mildly ranted about — the way they create a sense of danger and fear. I don’t know if they still do it, but for a while it seemed like whenever I’d visit the website there was a big red “WARNING” band across the top, most of the time for weather far from here.

      Thanks. 🙂 I have a feeling it’s going to take me a LONG time to get the hang of this camera and the lenses.


  2. Okay, Robin. I have been SO out of the loop, as we were traveling over the holidays and had friends here from the US. TRYING to get back into the swing of things! Congrats on the new camera!!!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    1. Thank you, Kathy! No problem about not being around. You didn’t miss much. I hope you had a great holiday. Happy New Year to you and Sara! 🙂


  3. I think you will have a lot of fun with your new camera. Once you figure out the basics you’ll start discovering all the cool things you can achieve. When I started a few years ago a friend suggest ‘Understanding Exposure’ by Bryan Peterson ( It really helped me get a handle on aperture, shutter and ISO settings. But in reality, your learn by doing is the best approach. Good luck! Have fun!

    BTW – I really love the sunrise through the window image. So cool!


    1. Thank you, Mike. 🙂 I have that book, and learned to use my point & shoot in creative ways by trying to duplicate things in the book (not exactly duplicate them, but get the same lighting, perspective, depth of field, etc.). I loaned it to my oldest son, and now that you’ve reminded me of it, I’m going to have to see if he’s finished with it as I bet I’ll learn a lot quickly by doing the same thing using the new camera (and lenses). The lenses are what are causing me much confusion at the moment.


      1. Such a similar story. 🙂 I spent nine months playing with my point & shoot while figuring all that stuff out via Bryan’s book. Which lenses did you receive with the camera?


        1. The bundle included the 18-55mm (which came with the camera body), a 75-300mm (telephoto), and a wide-angle and telephoto lens kit that I have no idea what to do with at this time (although I’m told they enhance the other lenses). There was a bunch of other stuff, too (a wireless shutter release thingie, lens cleaning kit, extra battery, filters, 64gb memory card, card reader, camera case, and maybe a few other things I’m forgetting.


  4. A banquet of images! Bella’s fur is so touchable. The bedroom window – and the kitchen and the bottles. Feast of delight. Bet you can hardly stop dancing from place to place with the new camera. (and somehow, it does make a difference…even if it’s complications makes you pay even closer attention to the wonder.
    I too chuckled over that name of the storm (Wonder how many people realized it? People just can’t have storms anymore, each has to have a personality and identity…that’s rather funny, too.) TWC is sadly ignored here, too. Weather is what it is. It’s winter, overly excitable people.
    Lots of fun going on at your house – thanks for sharing


    1. You’re right about the dancing, PhilosopherMouse. I’ve been taking pictures of everything. lol! It’s a good way to learn. You may be right about the complications, too. They certainly slow me down, and make me think.
      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who chuckled over Vulcan. Maybe the high school Latin class that gave TWC the names threw that one in as a joke. Good for them, if they did. 🙂


  5. I think your first few pictures are stunning. I love “through the bedroom window”.

    By the way, I thought of you today. I was playing with watercolor paints. No, I cannot “paint” but I can have fun. And I did one trying to play with different colors and reminds me of the colors of the sky in your photos. 🙂


    1. Thank you, CM. 🙂 And I’m honored that you thought of me today, especially if you were playing. I hope you’re going to show off your watercolor paintings.


  6. I love the shots from the new camera and look forward to seeing some more. I have never owned a fancy camera either and it seem hesitant about getting one. I hope you enjoy yours.


    1. Thank you, Colline. 🙂 I’ve been hesitant about owning a fancy camera, too. A few years ago, my father offered to buy me any camera I would like (within reason), and I chickened out and bought another relatively inexpensive point & shoot. I think it disappointed him somewhat at the time, but he got over it, and I was (and still am) happy with the decision I made. I think if I’d bought something this complicated at that time, I would have given up. The point & shoot gave me time to learn a little about shooting in manual mode, as well as about trying to capture what it is I see (internally as well as externally) and what I wish to convey in the image. Plus I have incentive now to learn and grow. I have dreams and plans. 🙂


  7. I can feel the enthusiasm bubbling all the way through this one. Great images; know exactly what it means to have a new camera to learn and play with.
    But you have a good eye for composition and “feel” the picture you want to bring out and that instinct I believe – along with that critical inner eye that whispers “don’t post that one it didn’t work” – you should just enjoy the new partner.

    Always admire your words too.
    Happy new camera!


  8. How exciting Robin! I see in your tags the word “Canon”! Yay, you are now a Canon girl like me! Which Canon did you get? Which lenses do you have? You will have so much fun experimenting and learning. I don’t know a whole lot, but if there’s ever any questions I might be able to answer, I will give it a shot!!


    1. Thank you, Karma. 🙂 I’m so lost right now that I’m not even sure what questions to ask. lol! The camera is a Rebel EOS T3i. It came with the 18-55mm lens kit and a 75-300mm telephoto lens, plus a wide angle and telephoto lens kit that I think enhances the lenses I have. Is it sad or greedy that I’m already looking at macro lenses??


  9. Wow, that’s quite a bundle you got with your camera!! Now all you’re missing is a macro lens 😉 (You probably knew I would say that LOL)
    You’re doing really well already, Robin. Love these photos! 🙂


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