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Happy holidays

Moonlight zooming over the pond.  January 2012.
Moonlight zooming over the pond. January 2012.

Almost a thousand years later
I am asking the same questions
you did the ones you kept finding
yourself returning to as though
nothing had changed except the tone
of their echo growing deeper
and what you knew of the coming
of age before you had grown old
I do not know any more now
than you did then about what you
were asking as I sit at night
above the hushed valley thinking
of you on your river that one
bright sheet of moonlight in the dream
of the waterbirds and I hear
the silence after your questions
how old are the questions tonight

– W. S. Merwin

Foggy moon
Foggy moon

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, and I want to celebrate with some winter images.  The photos are from the archives, taken in 2012, when we had some lovely winter weather (which, for me, means snow).  It’s appropriate, I think, that I’ll be spending the Solstice in the Bogs, where I learned a lot about winter during the Great Outdoor Challenge.

Gold on ice
Gold on ice

The plumber was here yesterday morning to have a look at the kitchen sink and make sure there are no leaks.  He wasn’t here to fix the sink itself or the faucets or clean up the mess of putty left on the counter tops.  He’ll be back to do those things sometime next week, maybe.  Or the week after.  Kitchen Design Gal is, I think, working hard to make sure the kitchen is finished before the new year rolls around, but I’m not sure it will happen.

Black & white winter
Black & white winter

The cabinet that had to be reordered (due to damage on the first one they delivered) didn’t show up on time so the cabinet installer will not be here today as planned.  That will also be rescheduled for sometime next week.  After Christmas, of course.  Or maybe the week after.  The cabinet installer, I’m told, will need to be here when the plumber comes back to fix the sink.  He has whatever piece of equipment they need to make the sink fit as it should.

Marshmallow world
Marshmallow world

Everything in its own time, right?  I am feeling oddly patient about it all.  Perhaps that’s because I’m not hosting Christmas in my home.  Or hosting anything, for that matter.  Good friends and family are welcome to visit if they’d like, but M and I won’t be throwing a party anytime soon.

Snow falling from the tree
Snow falling

I’m taking a break from blogging while I spend time with family and friends, celebrating love, laughter, and the season.  I’ll be back sometime next week.  Wishing you and yours a wonder-filled and magical winter.  Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating it.

January 2012 021a-001

Thank you all so much for your visits, your comments, and your likes.  Thank you for your blogs, your words, and your images.  Most of all, thank you for your friendship.

Happy holidays!
Happy holidays!

Be good, be kind, be loving.  Just Be.  🙂

Poinsettia in the snow
Poinsettia in the snow


Robin is... too many things to list, but here is a start: an artist and writer; a photographer and saunterer; a daughter and sister and granddaughter; a friend, a partner, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother; a gardener, a great and imaginative cook, and the creator of wonderful sandwiches.

24 thoughts on “Happy holidays

  1. wishing so much wonderful happiness for you and yours throughout this special season…and throughout the rest of the seasons, too!
    And the beginning quote…I marvel at that thought, too…isn’t that remarkable that each of us thinks, wonders, ponders the same questions as have been being asked for 1000’s of years…really remarkable…


    1. It’s mind-blowing, isn’t it, Kathy? Thousands of years go by, and here we are, still pondering the same thoughts and questions. It’s a connection, one that brings us all together. 🙂

      Thank you for the lovely wishes. I wish the same for you.


  2. A lovely post, Robin. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. I hope you have your snow to enjoy in Ohio. The snow that we received this week is rapidly melting. Temperatures are scheduled to be unseasonable warm here for the solstice: 50 degrees today and 57 tomorrow!
    I was reminded of this little childhood bit from “The Electric Company” when I read the beginning of this post:
    Anyone else remember it?


    1. Thank you, Karma. I love the video! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before. 🙂 I saw a little bit of snow while we were in Ohio, but not much. Ah well. It’s time to get used to and enjoy a new kind of winter.


  3. Merry Christmas, dear Robin! Enjoy your holy-days. The picture of the bright red cardinal is stunning. Hoping to celebrate more blogging life with you in 2014.


  4. May you and yours have a wonderful celebration in the Bogs. Love your winter photo card – yes, ol’ man winter has certainly arrived, and has forced my elderly family visitors to not visit at all, but remain hunkered in their warm homes much further south. 🙂 I do believe I could celebrate with just a tree of lights and some holiday music in the background. (And a snuggle visit from granddaughter, of course.) Merry Christmas.


  5. What beautiful snowy-winter-Christmassy images you have shared today Robin and a warm and sunny Merry Christmas to you across the oceans! Thank you so much for your friendship, words and images. Thank you for sharing your joys and sorrows, and more recently, your renovations! What a wonderful and warm blogging world we have here. See you in 2014. xxx 🙂


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