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The golden glow of sunrise

Fog at sunrise

Many of us have made our world so familiar that we do not see it anymore.  An interesting question to ask yourself at night is, “What did I really see this day?”

~ John O’Donohue, Anam Cara:  A Book of Celtic Wisdom

The spider's silk
The spider’s silk

Sunrise this morning was soft and silky, foggy and golden.  The glow of light slowly lit up the meadows and the woods, and poured into the pond that we have discovered is not a pond (and will get a post of its own soon).

Beads of light
Beads of light

With complete attention, landscape celebrates that liturgy of the seasons, giving itself unreservedly to the passion of the goddess.

~ John O’Donohue

The softness of the morning light
The softness of the morning

Just before the sun came up from behind the loblolly pines, I heard, for the first time in my life, a Whippoorwill.  He or she was off in the distance somewhere, but the call was distinct and easy to identify.  I greeted the crows sitting in the sweetgum trees, and waved at the Great Blue Heron as he flew by, croaking and honking.

Experiencing the sacred
Experiencing the sacred

At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear.

~ Norman Maclean


It was the kind of morning when you can watch the earth do its own variations of sun salutations.

Sweetgums in the meadow
Sweetgums in the meadow

Thank you for stopping by and watching the sunrise with me.  I hope your Wednesday has been filled with joy and at least a little of the morning’s golden glow.

Tree pose.
Tree pose.

Be good, be kind, be loving.  Just Be.  🙂


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19 thoughts on “The golden glow of sunrise

  1. ogni giorno con l’alba si riscoprono i sapori della vita, il colore bellissimo delle sfumature dato alle tue foto le rende morbide e gentili
    un saluto dall’Italia
    daily with Dawn you rediscover the flavors of life, beautiful color nuances given to your photos makes them soft and gentle
    Thank you


  2. I’ve never been able to get up early so I thank you for sharing the beauty of the sunrise with us. 😀 Everything is so yellow it looks as though there’s a fire!

    I noticed that you’re reading:
    “Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience”
    do you recommend it?


    1. I think it’s the fog, carrying that yellow and orange glow, Rosie. The air and light here are so different than what I had gotten used to in the Bogs.
      I am about half way through the book, and I love it. I did a free Yoga Journal 21-day meditation challenge a while ago (last year, maybe?), and the meditations were led by Sally Kempton. I found her voice and directions wonderful, and she brought my meditation practice to a new level. I also enjoy her articles in Yoga Journal so when I saw the book, I snatched it up.


      1. You must be very fit to do that Yoga Challenge – it was much too challenging for me! so I didn’t get to the meditations. What a shame.
        I’ll look out for the book.


        1. Oh no! Not that fit, Rosie! lol! This particular challenge with Sally Kempton had five minute warm-up type yoga videos which were fairly easy to do, followed by the meditation. The latest Yoga Journal challenge, which I did sign up for, turned out to be beyond my skills.


          1. oh gosh I feel much better to learn that you also found the latest Yoga Journal challenge to be too difficult.
            And that explains why I don’t know Sally Kempton 😀


  3. Your colors are glorious here. So lovely. A whipoorwill! Wow, I used to hear them all the time when I was a kid, and I honestly can’t remember hearing one in recent years though I live in the same town that I grew up in.


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