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April showers

A soft and rainy day
A soft and rainy day

On the fifth day, which was a Sunday, it rained very hard.  I like it when it rains hard.  It sounds like white noise everywhere, which is like silence but not empty.

~ Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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Around the pond

Water irises
Water irises and ripples on the pond

When was the last time you spent a quiet moment just doing nothing — just sitting and looking at the sea, or watching the wind blow the tree limbs, or waves rippling on a pond, a flickering candle or children playing in the park?

~ Ralph Marston

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A glimpse

Door to the garage
Door to the garage at the Wabi-Sabi Ranch

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

~ Ernest Hemingway

I’m back in the Bogs of Ohio, safe and sound.  The trip was fairly uneventful.  We hit a cold front somewhere near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which brought some heavy downpours and gusty winds, causing us (and most of the folks on our side of the turnpike) to stop for a little while.  It was a short-lived, ferocious storm.  The temperature dropped 20 degrees within a few minutes.

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The rooster

People who count their chickens before they are hatched, act very wisely, because chickens run about so absurdly that it is impossible to count them accurately.

~ Oscar Wilde

Big Handsome Rooster is still here with us at what I’m beginning to think of as the Wabi-Sabi Ranch.  He wakes us up early in the morning, crowing at the sun.  I actually kind of like the sound of him cock-a-doodle-dooing.

A man stopped by late Friday afternoon to pick up the rooster, but he forgot to bring a cage with him.  He said he’d come by on Saturday.  Maybe he meant next Saturday as I’ve seen no sign of the man.

As you know, I don’t know a thing about chickens or roosters.  But I do know they need food and water.  Big Handsome doesn’t have any food and I suspect the water I see in his coop is from the rains that came to the Eastern Shore Friday night and Saturday morning.  I called the former owner of the house and she said to just throw Big Handsome some bread and he’ll be fine.  I think I’ll run out and get a little chicken feed today.  Perhaps that will ensure that the man will come and get his rooster.

Yesterday evening I sat on our dock and watched the sun go down behind the marsh.  Today I will be scrubbing and cleaning as I have been for the past few days.  There are other critters here in the house that will need tending to.  I’m glad to have this opportunity to get things cleaned up before the actual move.

And that sunset last night?  It was well worth a full day’s work to have the pleasure of sitting there watching the light on the water and listening to the birds in the marsh.